Dry Wells & Holding Tanks
Filter Cleaning
Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping is required to remove all sludge and water from the septic tank. Proper maintenance will reduce the likelihood of backups, drain failure, and other costly repairs. Pumping every three or four years will ensure proper functioning for most tanks. 

Some septic systems have filters in the outgoing pipe to the drain field. Filters are designed to keep solids in the septic tank and allow only water into the drain field. Filters need to be cleaned twice a year.  R&M recommends regularly scheduled filter cleanings every spring and fall. 

Septic systems that lack the area or room for a drain field are required to have holding tanks and dry wells. Holding tanks and dry wells need to be pumped on a regular basis dependent on use. R&M can help you determine if your system requires weekly, monthly, or annual pumping.